In Performance-based Learning Analysis & Design – Focus on the Process Performance Requirements

In Analysis & Design in Instructional Design – Training, Learning, Etc.

Otherwise you might develop Content that instructs/enables something other than desired performance.

Something general, generic, with face-validity as a NEED perhaps, but not authentic enough to change behavior and results.


Understand the authentic Performance Competence Requirements – driven by the demands/needs of the Process and its Stakeholders.


The Stakeholders, including but beyond the Customer.


The Customer Is King – Not.

Simple example: the Customers all demand that you do something that is against the law with huge fines and significant jail time for the owners and executives.

Who wins?


Focus on the Performance Requirements – And Enable Them

Understand where the Process and products/Services are not Meeting the Requirements of your particular Stakeholders.

Then determine the Gaps in any of the Process’ Enablers.


Then address those Gaps after determining their fit as a systems approach – and the R for the I – for each intervention.

The key Enablers of your systems approach (and systemic approach) may not be Awareness or Knowledge or Skill.

They may be needed to be addressed via Learning and/or Performance Support – due to some other part of the Intervention-set being addressed – first.

PC at the Worker Work and Workplace levels

Then determine the bundling and sequence for beginning each Intervention-set – dealing with getting those Enablers where they need to be to enable Process Performance.

And get on with – by starting with Planning. Not Just doing it. IMO.

Most of the time anyway.


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