In Enterprise Learning – the Goal is Almost Always On-the-Job Performance Competence

A Performance Focus?

Perhaps. There is a new, hopeful focus on Performance in the air. Or rather, online.


A fresh start for many L&D/ T&D organizations. A much needed fresh start.

Away from Topics to Tasks – whole task sets – and the products of process performance.

What Is Performance Competence?


How to get there?

From Training (Learning) to Performance-based Training/Learning to Performance Improvement Consulting

To accomplish Performance Competence Development. Here is what I provide.

PACT 6 Pack

For information about these 6 books, and my 8 others – please go here.

Adopt what you can – and Adapt the rest!

Performance Competence Development – IMO – includes Formal Learning, Performance Support (being competent using it), and guided Informal Learning.

And no – I do not believe that L&D or anything close to that “owns” Performance Support – how arrogant of us to assume that the client isn’t better suited to determine their needs and select their solutions for platforms and processes.

Yes – we get called upon – directly or indirectly – to assist clients in addressing their needs and potential solutions.

But – they live with the consequences of those decisions – about: Formal Learning, Performance Support and guided Informal Learning.

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