My Process Infrastructure Engineering Platforms Evolution from 1993

One of Two Graphics From 1993

This is one of those two graphics – the HR Infrastructure Engineering Platforms 1993.

HR Infrastructure Engineering Platforms 1993 Guy W Wallace

There was also an Infrastructure Engineering Platform for the non-HR (people) side of a Process orientation from 1993.

The intent was to have two graphics – one for the human side of Process – and the other to cover the non-human side. And then to bring them together into one model.

By side – I mean Requirements.

My partners and I were working on a new book in 1993 – covering both “sides” of Quality – or what we then called Human Performance Technology. Our book was published in 1994.

1994 QRM Book Cover

Note: I cannot find the 2nd graphic and have been looking for it for years.

Those 1993 Hand Drawn Graphics Evolved Then To This 2-Pager

Side One…


Side Two…


And the Book Evolved Too

2011 f FTTPIC book cover

For more information and/or to order, please go – here.

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