Good L&D Content Isn’t Always Good Enough If You Aren’t Aligned

Good But Misaligned L&D Content Isn’t Good At All 

Your content can be good – but not working at the priority purposes of the business.


So … is it really “good” content then?

OK. Hopefully that makes sense.

How to Get Aligned to the Enterprise Priority Needs


When your situation is less complex:

  • Enterprise leaders can be interviewed in their offices or at lunch/dinners, and the business issues and needs solicited and feedback gathered on prior effort


When your situation is more complex:

  • A “Board of Governors” can be formed to formally meet to set strategic direction, review functional needs, allocate resources, and review results
  • Or you can get on the agenda of any routine meetings of the enterprise executives for their input, decision-making, and results review

Governance – After – Advisory

The need for a Formal Approach to what I call Governance & Advisory Systems is something you must determine for yourself.

And you may not start with something on the order of the next graphic – you may need to move toward that – at an appropriate pace for your context.

Leaders of the Enterprise sit in the Governance System/ function and approve requests from – or they make the requests of – the Advisory Systems (of committees/councils/etc.)  – where the user community gets to make their case for their needs (before or after a Screening effort and/or an Analysis effort has validated the need.

Then control continues as the Advisory Council appoints people to the various teams – my types of teams are represented in the graphic.

Your may vary.

This model comes from my book: T&D Systems View … and the 12 O’Clock position of that model…

Clock - no bg copy

Note that 5 O’Clock is where my CAD methods would be placed – and my (version of ADDIE) MCD is at 6 O’Clock.


CAD and MCD are 2 of my 3 ISD model-sets – of the PACT Processes … a “lean” approach to ISD – using a collaborative Group Process for Analysis, Design, Development and Project Planning & Management – bringing together the Customers and Suppliers of performance-based ISD services.

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Free Book PDFs

For more on the model search on the phrase “Governance & Advisory” – or see the free “T&D Systems View” book PDF – here.

The book is also available as a paperback book.

For more about lean-ISD – via PACT – see the free book “lean-ISD” PDF – here.

This book is also available as a paperback book.

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