Keep Your Focus on Enabling the Performance Requirements

Whether You Are in L&D or Another Improvement Arena 

You need – IMO – to focus on the end results – regardless of your improvement leverage expertise.

And be expert enough – and professional enough – to guide your clients to the key sources for the gaps from the their goals.


L&D products and services are only going to address one of the 12 boxes – one of the 11 blue boxes – of enablers – above.

Stakeholder Requirements

Focus on the Performance Requirements – 1st understand all Stakeholder Requirements for both Products/Services & Processes.  Some care about the Products/Services – and some care about the Process – and some care about both.


Those Stakeholders and their requirements might be in conflict with one another. You need to know who’s Requirements outweigh the others’.

Stakeholder Hierachy Example 1

Process Requirements

Focus on the Performance Requirements – 2nd Assess the adequacy of the Process Design “as is” and “post improvement” to get a better sense of the R for the I.


Is the Process “even” designed to meet the balanced Stakeholder Requirements – balancing any conflicts so that what’s important is clear and appropriate)?

If not start there.


Perhaps the Process is too informal – too loosey-goosey for its situational needs.

Perhaps the Process is too formal – too rigid for its situational needs.

Address that first BEFORE considering anything else.

Human & Environmental Asset Management Systems & Processes Adequacy Assessment

Focus on the Performance Requirements – 3rd Assess enabling Processes’ internal products/services for adequacy, as needed.


Are the Human Asset Management Systems & Processes Adequate?


But that’s just half of the enablers. Besides the human enablers – there are the non-human enablers, the Environmental Support enablers. Together they bring a “paper process” to life.

Are the Environmental Asset Management Systems & Processes Adequate?


Make the Assessments of both the issues (problems/opportunities) and their potential solutions BEFORE staring any improvement efforts.

Understand the systems nature of your Process Performance Context before determining it is a nail for your hammer.

Improve the Enabler Systems & Processes

Focus on the Performance Requirements – 4th Improve Enabling Processes & Target Processes as ROI potential dictates.


Fix the enabling Processes and THEIR enabling support systems – including their own Processes and Human and Environmental Enablers.

EPPI Fishbone v2012 - 1- The Process

Look at their Processes.


Understand the shared Processes versus the unique Processes – at the organization unit level, such as at the Department level.

EPPA - Building Block View - Department

See the entire Enterprise as a set of shared Processes and unique Processes.

Org Chart in L-C-S Mode

These are my models – developed over 35 years of practice.

Your models may vary.

Adopt what you can – and adapt the rest.

# # #

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