My Model for the Enablers of Process Performance

And Learning Is But One of 12 Sets of Enablers 

Which was/is important to me as a L&D professional who wants to help his clients achieve their real – if sometimes unstated – goal of improving the Performance in some Process – or many Processes.

So this is My Fishbone Diagram, My Ishikawa Diagram…


Once you determine any gaps in Products from the Process – you can trace back the gaps in the enabling systems’ Products & Processes – using the same set of analysis models.

The Provisioning Systems of the Enterprise

Don’t look like this – the model below – but this is what I use to start the assessment of who is responsible for providing the Enablers to the Processes where there is a gap.

P Analysis and HAMS-EAMS

Peeling back the onion – so to speak. Matrix the Org Chart against this model.

Going the other way … up …

The Big Picture of EPPI


Side 2 if you will…


These are my starting place models – which get adapted if they cannot be adopted.


Your models may vary.

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