Remembering the Late Geary A. Rummler

Join Me In My Annual Rummler Booster Shot

Tomorrow – April 17th – is the anniversary of the birth of the late Geary A. Rummler, PhD.


***Note: my apologies. I have had his birth date off by one day for a decade. He never corrected my early wishes. Again, my apologies. The 17th is the correct date. ***

I would normally get my annual booster shot at the ISPI Conferences (and NSPI before that) – every April.


But since Geary passed away in October of 2008 – that last time I saw and spoke with him was at the ISPI Conference in 2008 – and I had the pleasure of video recording him in my HPT Practitioner Series – see that video below.


Here are 4 videos for your Booster Shots…

Video 2008

Video 1981

Here I sit with others in a Motorola conference room in April 1981 – with the good doctor Rummler addressing us. This was 1 week before my official start date at Motorola’s Training & Education Center (MTEC). This is but one hour of a day long session. Wish I had all of the video shot that day.

This next photo is from a business trip he and I took to Arizona for MTEC in 1982.


Video 1986

This 1986 Video is on Performance Engineering…

hqdefault (1)

Video 1986

Another video from 1986 on Needs Analysis

And – an Audio File

This audio file – is now buried in my Web Site “Resource” page – under My Mentors (Rummler); and I am posting it here as well:

Linking Organizational & Individual Performance Through Measures – Geary A Rummler 1994

It will be a very important 90 minutes in Your Development – if you are in any number of Performance Improvement arenas where Measurement is important (and where not!?!) – or performance-based Learning/Training and Performance Support – and – it is classic Rummler – dry humor – makes fun of himself (his: “you can also get this on the head of a pin” reminded me of the late Claude (Butch) Lineberry’s comment crediting Rummler with the invention of the “point oh four” sized font).

Rummler Tribute at ISPI 2009

RIP – Geary

I hope you get something of value from me sharing with you my Booster Shots!2009-03-07-031

For more about the late Geary A. Rummler – please visit the Performance Design Lab – PDL – web site  – here.

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