Zeroing In on the Critical Business Issues

Sometimes There Are Many CBIs – Critical Business Issues

And you don’t have the people and/or the funds to chase them all.

CBI Bulls Eye 4

And once you cull the important many down to the critical few – the affordable few – you can worry about clearly stating the Problem/Opportunity – the Issue – and begin your problem sizing and solving approach.

CBI Bulls Eye 1

Bulls Eyes and CBIs

To me the Issue – the Bulls Eye – is a Gap. From standards, expectations, past practice, stretch goals. Whatever. Something that misses the mark.

CBI Bulls Eye 2

The Value of each Gap is determined at each Enterprise using their current Metrics.


Most of the time.


The Key framework I use to define Gaps – at any/every level – is this … where it’s ALL ABOUT Performance Competence.

Performance Competence

Which I define as follows…


Gaps are the differences in Outputs and/or Tasks – from the Stakeholders’ Requirements.

And Stakeholders – plural ALWAYS – include the Customers – but doesn’t stop there. With Customers. They are just one type of Stakeholders – and they don’t Rule.


Customers may lead the definitions of Output or Task (Process) Requirements – but they do not ultimately rule in determining Requirements if and when there are conflicts.

In my models.

Your models may differ.

# # #

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