Not All Learning Needs Are of Equal Worth

There is where you separate your nickle problems/opportunities from the Million Dollar problems/opportunities.

And then you tackle those that have worth, value, high risk and/or high reward.

But … then deciding when and how to address any learner/Performer needs is your next task.

Learning in the Workflow …?

Sometimes Learning in the Workflow is appropriate and even more timely. Sometimes it helps lower cognitive load  to not have to memorize everything about a new job/task-set all at once – up front. To be put into cold storage until needed.



Sometimes Learning in the Workflow is too late. It’s just too late.


Sometimes Learning in the Workflow is timely.

Buzz Thoughts...a

As always – it depends.

Determining which Job Tasks are on the list and then separating which are which – should be someone’s job – for the critical job audiences in an Enterprise.  Because not all Target Audiences are equal as well.

Do your homework.

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