In Memory of a Mentor – RIP Geary A. Rummler

Geary A. Rummler

… was one of my key mentors early in my career – starting in week 1 back in 1979 when asked to read several of his articles.

Then I met him at a conference in 1980. And then I worked alongside him – carrying his pencils as the joke went – back in 1981-1982 at Motorola.

We then collaborated on several consulting gigs with several F500 clients and with our professional home, NSPI, now ISPI.


From a 1986 Video…


From another 1986 Video…

hqdefault (1)

From a 2008 Video…


That’s a Brooklyn baseball cap.


Videos of the Master

My Video of Geary from April 2008

Performance Engineering

Needs Analysis

MTEC 1981 – Motorola’s Training & Education Center

Video About Geary

More Photos

Visiting Geary with my GM client in 1998. Geay is wearing the cap from my firm at the time: CADDI.

Geary & Matt Rummler 11-24-99 - Copy

Matt and Geary.

Geary & Matt Rummler 11-24-99

Geary running a meeting in Phoenix in 1982 to discuss The Kit.

82-007 Geary MTEC

Guy and Geary in 1982

82-008 Guy & Geary MTEC

Rummler 06

Rummler In Memory

From the early 2000s I think…

Geary Rummler 12-00

He sent us a book back in the day…

Scan_Pic0004 (2)

His personal autograph to me at the 2004 ISPI conference…

Scan_Pic0002 (2)

RIP Geary.

See more about and from Geary at the Performance Design Lab web site – here.

And … the Geary Rummler Publication Libraryhere.

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