ISD Processes: Maturity – Centricity – Alignment

ISD Processes Maturity

Either you buy into the Maturity Model thing – or you don’t.

Here is my example of that concept applied to ISD – Instructional Systems Design – sometimes known as Learning or Training or Knowledge Management – or some variation on those ideas/concepts.


You need to start where you are – and climb the steps of the MM – as adapted to your culture/language/etc.

Here are additional Blog Posts from me on this:

ISD Processes Centricity

If you are going to improve your Processes continuously – you’ll need a model for what they are – so you can divide and conquer (improve) while keeping a systems perspective.

Here is mine.


Adapt as needed.

Here are some resources from me on this:

  • 2001 book… T&D Systems View… which is available as a free PDF, and…
  • 2001 book… T&D Systems View… as a paperback for $20.00 USD plus s&h.

2001 TDSV Book Cover 1

And there is a Final Friday series in 2015 with a focus on the 12 sub-systems of a T&D System – per my model.

ISD Processes Alignment

Having your Processes all dressed up and ready to go – is only the capabilities getting ready part – it’s the execution part that’s important – and it’s the front end of that ready-aim-fire execution that produces results worthy of the investments – IMO anyway.


How formal or informal or blended your approach to alignment is critical to the successes of your efforts.

I don’t subscribe to improving or formalizing everything – just because you can.

But – because you should.

Here are a couple of resources for this:

And Who Should Help You Decide That?

Your stakeholders.

Using visible, defined processes that are focused on their needs – that continuously improve – as needed by those Stakeholders.

Or not.

Because not all processes are equally important.

And that picture changes over time – and needs continuous assessment as to its adequacy.

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