Most Wanted: The Gap Makers – a.k.a.: The Performance Competence Killers

Be On the Lookout for These Killers of Performance Competence

These Gap Makers…


And please note – it may only peripherally have anything to do with Learning.

Learning/ Training/ Communications – may play a role in disseminating the proper awareness, knowledge or skills required when addressing the key variables of Performance Competence – but don’t mistake that for “Learning to be Central” – or Key – or THE anything. It most likely is just a key enabler for the solutions to worthy Performance Issues – Critical Business Issues – Gaps.

And those in the field of Enterprise Learning and Performance Competence Development – should have more than some vague, individual notion of Performance and Performance Competence IMO.

I’ve written about this before – here.

There is a vague notion of Performance within the Learning profession. They seem to generally get it – that that’s an end goal – somehow/somewhere down the line.

But it’s vague. And it’s not shared. (And maybe that’s a good thing.)

Who, or What – are the Gap Makers?

Who or What is it that’s messing around with our Performance Competence!?!


1st: What is Performance Competence?

For me this can be boiled down to this simple statement – which of course begs for more – and can it scale?

Performance Competence is the ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements

Yes, it can scale.


At any level – the definition of Performance Competence as framework for additional specificity remains constant. The specifics. Ah. Those.

So those specific particulars need to be addressed and defined – the particulars of the specific Tasks, the specific Outputs and the specific Stakeholder Requirements – for the context you are addeessing.

Hint: start at the end and then work your way to the beginning.

So – you’ve got to define that – those specific particulars – before starting on our efforts to address the Gap Makers.

And then…

2nd: Who or What Are The Killers of Performance Competence?

Who or What are the Gap Maskers?

Is it the…

  • Lack of the awareness, knowledge or skills required?
  • Lack of the physical capabilities required?
  • Lack of the psychological capabilities required?
  • Lack of the intellectual capabilities required?
  • Lack of the personal values required?


Is it the…

  • Lack of the data and information necessary?
  • Lack of the materials and suppliers necessary?
  • Lack of the tools and equipment necessary?
  • Lack of the facilities and grounds necessary?
  • Lack of the budget and Headcount necessary?
  • Lack of the culture and consequence systems necessary?

Is it one or more of these variables of Performance Competence?

What is the issue – or the symptoms of the issue?

Where is this happening or visible in the enterprise Organization Structure? In our Process Networks? In our Metrics?

Take a Systems View

A narrow focus on just one or a few of the enablers may cause your efforts to be less effective.

It’s probably complex.


Step up to it. Step up to that.

# # #

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