Typical Expectations Post Learning IMO

In An Enterprise Learning Context

Learners want to be able to Perform back on the job.


Hopefully the Learning Experience addressed the authentic performance context, tasks, expectations, etc.

What Does The Boss Want?

Same thing as the Learner/Performer.


And in all of the variations of the Performance Context – including the tougher tasks.

And the Learners’ Peers

Same thing. They want others who can carry their weight in the collective task-set of the team – even while climbing the Learning Curve back on the job – as the Learning continues after the formal parts.


Just don’t make anyone else’s job harder because some are still Learning.

And … All Other Stakeholders?

They want better, faster and cheaper.

They want it all.


Which means meeting their requirements – and desires.

How does your organization figure all of this out?

# # #

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