Even In A Learning Organization…


It’s all about Performance.

Even in a Learning Organization.


Maybe even more so. Especially so.

A Performance Focus

A focus on the Results before the Means.

Measurable Results.

Even Learning.

It’s still ultimately about Performance … back on the job.

And that might require addressing aspects of the Enterprise before addressing any Learning – or Performance Support. Say – process tweaking and then job aid creation and dissemination.

Or clarifying expectations and conducting a recognition & rewards effort to maintain the expected behaviors … as they continue to produce the desired Results. And adapting as necessary – or totally replacing if needed.


Telling the client that Training or Learning isn’t required is something that a Good Steward of shareholder resources might often have to do.

Learning – is one of many – Means to the ends of Performance.



Without that terminal objective always in mind – it’s easy to wander into overkill in the extreme – with an unnecessary Learning product – because …  you know … the shiny.

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