The 3 Enterprise Process Performance Levers of EPPI

The 3 Levers of EPPI…

1- The Process Itself – or the Processes Themselves

This lever – might be considered a pulley – for it pulls (or dictates) the requirements of the other two levers … the other enablers.


2-   Human Asset Enablers

… the humans in the processes. What are their requirements?

Check out the graphic.


3- Environmental Asset Enablers

… the non-human assets that are available for conducting the process. The EPPI framework for analysis and design/development is presented in the graphic above.

Look At All 3 Levers – But Start With the Process

3 levers … or legs to the stool … as the saying goes.

IMO – ALWAYS start with the process.

Such as – is there one – and is it followed – and if not why not? And if it is and there are still problems – dig deeper there and understand that before worrying about human and environmental requirements. Begin with the ends in mind before focusing on means.

Hard to have the right stuff – the right human assets and environmental assets at the ready if you don’t know what the processes are and what they are intended to enable.

It’s not simple. It is complex.

Step up to understanding what the Process is and requires – by first defining that process – IF and ONLY IF – the “performance improvement results potential” makes it worthy of the time and money any effort might require. Do some sort of gap analysis to determine that worth – compared to other opportunities to fix things – unless, that is, you’ve got unlimited resources.

Just because you can improve something doesn’t mean it’s the right place to expend any efforts – there may be bigger fish to fry elsewhere.

Or expenses/investments of any kind may be untimely due to cash flow issues.

Here is a link to a short Blog Post on the 3 Levers – from 2009 – here.

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