2 of My 4 Analysis Data Frameworks

Performance Models and Knowledge/Skill Matrices

I have four analysis outputs in my PACT Processes for T&D:

  1. Target Audience data
  2. Performance Requirements data
  3. Knowledge/Skills Requirements data
  4. Existing T&D Assessments data

We will focus on the two in the middle of those 4.

PM-KS used in design

The 4

1- Target Audience data … tells you who is coming to the series of learning events on the path toward Performance Competence – and what their incoming knowledge, skills, experiences are, so that the front end of their learning path is modified as appropriate and within reason.

2- Performance Requirements data … tells you what the real-world job requires, within the context of the department or the division of the enterprise, and all of the processes that the job participates in, either as a solo agent, or as a team member.

3- Knowledge/Skills Requirements data … tells you what awareness, knowledge and skills are needed to be a Performance Competent performer. This is the bill of materials for any future state curricula, a blend of formal and informal learning, to take the Target Audience through an accelerated development and assessment sequence … if/as needed by the enterprise.

4- Existing T&D Assessments data … tells you the fit or not of existing content to the analysis of #2 and #3 above. This enables ReUse of content to build shared learning experiences and to see the links/contributions of all groups to the common goals of the enterprise.

Quit reinventing the wheels of content.

The 2.

Performance Models

Performance Models are sets of data. Hopefully useful to your downstream needs.


Then for an AoP, a Performance Model chart is completed.

Here for a different job, is an example of that. Here is the data that needs to be used downstream – or should be skipped from the collection effort.

ABC Sales PM Chart Example

K/S Matrices

I use these 17 categories of K/S…

K-S Categories

Here is an example of a completed Matrices.

TMC KS Matrix Example

The analysis would get more complex at this point if it weren’t constrained to Learning/Training.

If it weren’t constrained to training or learning – then additional categories of enablers of the Process – would be added to the analysis effort.


This breakdown of Performance Requirements and the enabling K/Ss might lead to many modules.

Maybe that is good. Maybe that is not good.

But in any event … no module of content should ever be used as a single one off.



Focus on the Performance – and Enable That.

# # #

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