Product & Process Specs for a Damn Good Job Aid

Thanks to Russ Powell for bringing this topic/question up … on LinkedIn

L&D experts: We’re building a presentation for ATD on how to build damn good job job-aids. What advice would YOU offer? (e.g., What do you look for in a damn good job aid? What are the most critical steps you never avoid when creating one?)

DG Job Aid Product Specs

In my view a Damn Good Job Aid must

  1. Fit perfectly and smoothly with the flow of the Target Audiences’ Authentic  Performance Context – or Contexts (which is trickier).


It must account for the varied incoming awareness, knowledge, skills and experiences  in guiding the Performance of Tasks – to Produce Outputs – to Stakeholder Requirements.


DG Job Aid Process Specs

It should be built by Master Performers and recently New Performers

It should be Pilot Tested using those same two types of performers – keeping their use  and evaluation data segregated to test.

Job Aid

  • …accuracy, completeness and appropriateness with Master Performers and other key  SMEs, and then testing
  • utility and effectiveness with the new  learners/Performers.

Then – plan for Continuous Improvement and to keep it Evergreen – until Sunsetting it.

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