Monday Buzz… L&D and Technology Means

Monday Buzz...2

It seems too often that we in the L&D world are focused on means versus ends. 

Not that the means aren’t important. But they are secondary to the ends.

And the shiny technology is tertiary at best … because means do not start with the shiny technology … although they are in the mix of all of the tactics that may be needed in order to implement the strategies of means … and again … toward the ends.

Focus on the Performance Requirements of the Performance Context itself (the systems and processes of the Enterprise and its marketplace) … and then focus on the Performance Competence Requirements of the Performers … and then focus on the strategies and follow on tactics for improving and maintaining Performance Improvement.


And somewhere down the line it may become extremely apparent as to what shiny technology fits the needs. Or not. And … that’s probably not an L&D decision to make. IMO.

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