L&D: The More Variables of Performance You Are Aware Of…

… The Better Your Variable Improvement Will Be

In terms of Impact to overall Performance.


My View of the Variables of Process/ Performance…


Processes can be organized by the department – or similar – organizational entity – by the owners of the Processes. IMO.


Performance Competence can be generally measured the same way at all levels and across all organizations – with Product and Process specifics appropriate to those Products and Processes.


Each Process is fed/enabled with the right enablers – as provisioned from somewhere – either inside and/or outside the Enterprise … adequately – or not. Fix those gaps using the 80/20 Pareto Principle.

PC at the Worker Work and Workplace levels

Know enough about PI – Performance Improvement – tools and techniques – to engage the right knowledgeable and skilled people in addressing the gaps.

4Ws or MOPP List of HPT Things 2011 11

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as we all might wish.

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