This Week’s L&D Buzz… 3 Learning Contexts IMV


IMV – In My View…

L&D: Please clarify which Learning Context – or Contexts you are referring to … or exceptions of ….

My models in the vast and varied world of LEARNING – include 3 Learning Contexts – as I see them, and of course, your views might be different.

My 3 models are:

  • Personal Learning – for any personal interest or hobby – anything (in my definition – or is that iDefinition?) that does not lead to earning a living. From learning for the sake of learning for pure personal pleasure – to learning with very specific goals, such as learning to scuba dive.
  • Educational Learning – for learning within an educational institution for expanding knowledge to applying knowledge – and “to learn to earn” in current applications of knowledge. Universities and Technical Schools. Includes both Formal and Informal Learning.
  • Enterprise Learning – for learning with a performance improvement/ maintenance purpose – and usually with a ROI – return on the investment – in mind – including general and specific awareness, knowledge and skills, for very specific performers’ performance.

I’ve posted on this several topic times previously. One such post is – here.

Learning for my personal needs IS WAY DIFFERENT than enterprise learning requirements. Very different IMO. How we make it happen, or enable it, or some blend, is as varied as each person and includes what’s enough … for now.

Check your context. Announce your context. Clarify your context.

Mine – BTW – is almost 100% of the time – in this Blog – Enterprise Learning.

But I do have a post or two about Boat Learning somewhere.

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