This Week’s L&D Buzz… Modular Design in L&D

Monday Buzz...5

How robust is your overall content architecture to inevitable change?

Did you design its configuration to reduce your future maintenance costs – while impacting the development of the awareness, knowledge and skills matched up to the authentic Performance Competence requirements?

This is critical in a modular design approach where content is shared at the awareness, knowledge and skill levels across diverse audiences. Shared ” as is” or “after modification” as the needs for authenticity dictate.

Learning “how to” in Customer Service requires Instructional and Informational content that is authentic to the learners’ Performance Competence requirements – otherwise it might be engaging and fun – but in reality it feels like it’s training for someone else’s job.

A modular design, intending to reduce maintenance costs can also swing too far in the opposite direction – with generic content – seemingly applicable to all at face value – but in reality impacting none due to its lack of authenticity.


A collection of modules is NOT a modular design.

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