L&D: Too Often Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Branch?

Told to Fix It – They Will

However … L&D will too often resort to a training/learning solution or solution-set.


But that might not be at the root cause of the issue.

Why do they respond so inappropriately?

Clients Sometimes Expect L&D To Do L&D

Assumptions. Without Analysis data. Defenseless to resist the demands.


What should they do instead? 

Assessment – Analysis – Assessment

Make it part of the process of “quick client response” – and make it quick.

And First Focus On the Process

And the Requirements of both Process and Products of all of the Stakeholders. Quickly.


Note: often in my career –  which stretched from 1979 until early 2016 – I found “NO PROCESS” – sometimes in the form of “a different day a different process” where Variance was the Rule. And too many Processes exist – totally out of control.

Most often.

In fact … Almost always.

Sometimes it’s no big deal. Other times, it’s a very big deal.

That’s why I start there … with the Process … after hearing the client out.

At the defined … or not … Process.

And then next, with whether or not there are issues with any of the Stakeholder Requirements – regarding both the Products and the Processes.


Your approach may vary.

Then Look Quickly at the Enablers … and Their Gaps

There’s often a mix of root causes … where performers’ awareness-knowledge-skill may not be in THAT mix … despite addressing performers’ awareness-knowledge-skills in THE mix when deploying the real solutions.

L&D is often a delivery channel of the real solution which may require a new layer or displacement … or blend … in the performers’ awareness-knowledge-skills.


For example, a new set of mobile tools are developed by Marketing & Legal to deal with new regulatory requirements … and ongoing interpretations … for 27 different job titles … with no end in sight for the churn and impacts.

L&D might indeed be the channel … or the enterprise might have decided to automate everything and eliminate those 27 different jobs and create 4 new ones to handle the almost-fully-automatic processes … to developing the Performance Competence of the 4 new jobs. And L&D might be the channel for developing that – or it might be outsourced.

But it – L&D – is the tail, not the dog … so to speak.

And … Do It All Quickly

And … thoroughly enough!!! That too.

There are proven methods to make it Quick and Thorough.

Even when it’s complex.


Search this site’s Blog Posts – and/or the Resource Tab.


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