This Week’s L&D Buzz… Authenticity in L&D


The authenticity of your language, models, information, demonstrations and application exercises is so critical – yet are so often so poorly understood by the L&D organization – and sometimes the requesting client – before any development/ purchases happen.

Meaning that most Learning – if intended for overly broad audiences – is doomed – in terms of having any positive impact to the Enterprise. Unless targeted wisely in the first place – before the effort really begins – most T&D is doomed to a negative ROI.

Authenticity – is best assessed by current Master Performers – or whatever you call them.

That’s why I use them – groups of Master Performers – and other SMEs as appropriate – in my Analysis and Design efforts.

And in Development efforts.

And in Pilot Test Efforts.


CAD: Curriculum Architecture Design typically leads to multiple MCD: Modular Curriculum Development efforts, when the predicted ROI dictates and resources allow.

Authenticity – in my view, two things to keep in mind about this:

  • Who else would you ask, or observe, if not Master Performers to get after authenticity?
  • Just because a group of Master Performers can be brought to consensus, does not make them right.

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