Performance Competence Development – Complex But Doable

Suggested Only For the Most Critical of Enterprise Jobs

This would be over-kill-in-the-extreme if applied to each and every job in the Enterprise – IMO. But first – recognize that Performance – which I often refer to as Process Performance – is enabled by many variables – both human and non-human.

Here is my model on the enabler categories:


Note: An L&D Path Only Contributes to 1/12 of the variables (including the Process itself as one of those variables).

So there’s that.

But – if the potential for poor Performance is worth addressing – then do it right – and begin with the end in mind.

The end in mind of: Performance Competence.


Seems obvious.

But check out the complexity of the Stakeholders – who include the Customers – but whose King might be Society – or the Government.


Who has last, if not final say? Who can reverse a former final say? That’s your King or Queen.

But I digress.

A modular, performance-based Curriculum, more than a collection of modules, guides Performance Competence Development with advanced organizers, blended content, cycles of authentic applications with guiding feedback, reinforcements to combat the forgetting curve … all considering “cognitive load” and the need to apply ASAP … rather than later.


And In Between the Formal

There’s the Informal and Semi-Informal and Quasi-Informal and sneaky/tricky looks and smells Informal but is really quite formal, just not so direct as tell ’em, show ’em, and have ’em do it.  And don’t forget the technology toys and tools.


Yes, don’t forget the technology toys and tools.


# # #


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