L&D Addresses But 1 of 12 Variables

And That Variable Is Not An Island

Unto itself.  So to speak.

Again, our model for the 12 variables…


Including THE PROCESS itself.

Or … Processes.

L&D Doesn’t Own the Responsibility For All Of The Variables

It’s the tail on the dog (one of many) and not the dog – so to speak.


Not All Learning Paths Are Equal

It’s all in the Analysis IMO.


Hopefully, the path, or menu, of path of menus, is well engineered – and not the result of some artistic ISD process.

And With A Conducive, Supporting Environment

Built on the right foundation.


It’s Not All About Learning.

It’s Not All About Learning

It’s Not All About Learning.

Not in an Enterprise context.


It’s all about Performance.

Even in a Learning Organization.

It just is.

Begin With The End In Mind

And I don’t mean 70-20-10 … or 70:20:10.

What guidance is there in that really?

Build out your Performance Tests for Performance Competence – in a business priority manner – and only build out those that are worth maintaining over the years.

No need to boil the ocean. So to speak.

And let the percentages fall where they may. One size does not fit all.


Performance Tests tests ability to do the job – on the job.

They need to be authentic – if not done on the job.

And not on the easy (Mickey Mouse) stuff in the mix. So to speak.

Paths and Modular Events

Of any blend. As flexible as feasible and as rigorous as required.

ISD done as lean as possible. Both Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) efforts to produce Paths, and some version of ADDIE, SAM or my MCD. Something that actually works.

Works how?

See the Performance Test reference above.

If your L&D content, advanced organizers, and refresher/reinforcing content don’t impact that the way it needs to – re-engineer it all. Collaboratively with the client.


And … because L&D/T&D is so much more than just ISD…

Take A Systems View

L&D is much more than ADDIE.


It’s a business within the business. An enterprise within an enterprise.

Your models may vary.

Adopt what you should and can – and then … adapt the rest.

It’s Complex – But Doable

When you collaborate.


Collaborate – using proven approaches that is.

Woof to that.

# # #


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