Paths for Performance Competence Development … or Learning?

No kidding…

What’s the Difference?


Versus Performance Competence Development?

Hmm. If you have to ask….


Learning is learning.

And Performance Competence is…


Specifically … the ability to perform Tasks to produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements.

Nothing more … nothing less.

How To Get There?

Collaborate in a proven process.



Proven Process.


The Key Difference is in the Analysis


Then It’s What You Do With That Analysis Data in Design


And in that Design Meeting – I use 7 Steps:

CAD DTM 7 Steps

And – IMO – It’s Who You Involve in the Processes

Of Analysis and Design.

For me – it’s Master Performers … and other SMEs as required.

PACT Via a Group Process for CAD Analysis and Design

IMO – Is Based On My Experience

I’ve been doing this since the early 1980s.

And sharing the What’s and How To’s



It’s Not All About Learning.

It’s Not All About Learning

It’s Not All About Learning.


Not in an Enterprise context.

# # # 


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