This Week’s L&D Buzz… E-Learning in Every Path?


Not necessarily.

Unless that is truly your only means for content distribution, of course. But then there is always a PDF sent via email or on paper via the snail mail – corporate or government as a less expensive alternative if all you are doing is building awareness or knowledge and not skill.

And assuming that a current but static PDF wouldn’t be sufficient and appropriate for the Performance Context in the first place – and that what you need – is:

an initial “practice” and then a series of “feedback/next practice” and then even more “feedback/next practice”… until your learners are prepared to perform in the real world – the authentic real world.

And in that series – which would be INFOs-DEMOs-APPOs in my approach to Instructional Design, any E-learning channel might be most appropriately – from an effectiveness and efficiency point of view – for delivering the INFOs and the DEMOs … leading to “authentic” APPOs.

Those INFOs-DEMOs might need to be non-e-learning content series of APPOs (Application Exercises – “always authentic” or why bother?) with the right amount of “feedback-to-shape-the-next-practice-attempt” cycles … 

Or – why bother?

E-Learning that doesn’t lead/include authentic APPOs … to me anyway … are highly suspicious … for being only “part of a solution” needed – and that it won’t be effective or efficient for most learners unless the secret sauce of authentic APPOs are in the mix, appropriately.

 And just maybe – e-learning is the way to do that.

Sometimes that will be true, that authentic APPOs can be done via E-Learning – but not always. IMO.

Most all of the time DEMOs can be deployed via E-Learning. IMO.

All of the time INFOs can be deployed via E-Learning. IMO.

But – just because you can – doesn’t mean you should. 

What are the cost implications of your many possible routes?

Perhaps your situation/ context requires your Instructor/Coach to deliver all of your INFO, DEMO and APPO content – for both effectiveness and efficiency – and for budget practicalities.

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