Performance Support Requires Analysis of Performance Requirements

That Requires Analysis of the Human Performance Competence Requirements … To Be Supported 


First – frame the Performance Requirements – at any level of the Enterprise – as Outputs produced by Tasks performed by (name the Enterprise level or team or name appropriate to your needs) … those humans.

And Then That Requires Analysis of the Stakeholders and Their Requirements & Any Conflicts in Those Requirements


You need to know what those humans known as Stakeholders Require. And potentially, what they Desire – in case you are simply at parity with any competition.

Next, look to broader sets of Tasks in the Process flow.


A Task-set is typically part of some larger, Macro Task-set.

I call them Areas of Performance but they are known by many names.

You might need more detail than what a Process Map captures/provides. I use the Performance Model.


Once you’ve got that down – the Performance to be Supported/Enabled – figure out how to enable it – after figuring out what enablers are in need of improvement or to simply be sustained.


Figure out what might need to be enabled better – and who in our Enterprise owns that responsibility?

Here is my general model for framing so that I can name names of the organizational entities that own the Responsibility for getting the right assets – people and non-people assets – to the process with an adequate quality capability, in the right quantity, on time and on budget.

P Analysis and HAMS-EAMS

Who owns each of the above sets of responsibilities in your effort?

Work with them to make their contributions adequate to the need – and robust to likely variations – and better prepared for reacting to unlikely variations – where and only where the seriousness of the Risks at Stake and the Rewards at Stake – dictate such a level of response to the current state and the likely potential future states.

Don’t conflate seriousness with likelihood.

When determining when to formalize Performance Support.

Formal-Informal Risk Assessment v2012

And provide Performance Support addressing any of the enabler categories or organizational types suggested by any of the above graphics.

Performance Support – for me – can include Training/Learning prior to the moment of need – as well as support in the moment of need.

Need is need.

Performance – via Support – getting THAT done – by any means – before or in the moment of need – or both – is what Performance Support has always meant to me. Not just Job Aids.

Why Bother?

For the ROI – if it is sufficient in both amount and cycle-time.

Only if.

# # #

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