This Week’s L&D Buzz… Generic Content


If your Learning Content takes the Learners to a place where what they hear about, see, and then practice, as an example:

Communications behaviors and tasks that are not authentic enough to their job 

– likely won’t transfer back to their real-world jobs – and you will have then wasted all of the time and money invested – to that point.

It’s time to recover.

And quickly.

Have the Learners redesign the Info chunks, and Demo chunks, and the Appo chunks … the Application Exercises … to be authentic … for them.

And then practice … doing it … observing others and providing constructive feedback … and playing all other roles needed in the authentic Appo.

And give that feedback just before the next opportunity to practice. Not “way” before (a “bad” practice BTW).

Or … why bother with any of it at all?

Personally – I got very tired early in my career of having to deal with generic Training/Learning Content that was not authentic in the first place – and was also not legally adaptable to make it so. It’s as if someone wanted to train you for someone else’s job.

A total waste of time and money – usually.

Negative ROI – mostly.

Except for those rare few people that can learn out of context – and transfer into their own context.

Estimates for the percent of the population with the ability to do that range from 5 to 15%.

Meaning: 85-95% failures in transfer.

Is THAT acceptable? Is that understood?

If it’s not authentic content – with authentic Practice – why bother?

Why indeed?

Q: If it were all your very own shareholder equity at stake – is that how you would invest it?

Next time: do your homework – the analysis of the authentic performance context.

And enable the learners/Performers.

# # #


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