The 1981 Bullock BEM Job Aid

From the NSPI Conference 1981

Note: the NSPI of the 1980s is now … ISPI.

The BEM is the late Tom Gilbert’s Behavior Engineering Model – which follows after Don Bullock’s 4-page Job Aid – provided to you as jpegs and as a PDF.

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1981 BEM Checklist Bullock_Page_1

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1981 BEM Checklist Bullock_Page_2

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1981 BEM Checklist Bullock_Page_3

Page 4 of 4

1981 BEM Checklist Bullock_Page_4

Here is the PDF of this 4-page Job Aid: 1981 BEM Checklist Bullock

Don Bullock was a valued member of NSPI when I first joined in 1979 – and he was at my first conference in 1980. I enjoyed his newsletters – of which I have a few – someplace. I’ll look.

Gilbert’s BEM – But First …

The Behavior Model for Creating Incompetence


I always showed my clients and staff the above model first – to get their attention – before I shared the next one with them.

The Behavior Engineering Model


The Source: Human Competence


Tom Gilbert (RIP) 1927–1995


Also … Tom on Tom …

Human Incompetence


Here is a post I did on Tom Gilbert in my collection of posts titled: First Friday Favorite Gurus – my attempt to recognize and thank those who contributed the most to my professional development over the years.

I have recognized 40+ – and could add more (and might).

It was a bit of reflection that I engaged in for several years and shared in order to thank publicly – and potentially lead others to these same people and resources – here.

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