The 2nd Thing I Would Have New L&D Staff Do

Is View This 57 Minute Video On Training Design Criteria

From Neil Rackham at MTEC in 1981. That was the Motorola Training & Education Center.

I was in the audience. I’ve posted on this and about Neil many times before – herehere and here.

From an earlier post…

In the video above, Neil presents on his “10 Design Criteria” for Instructional designs/programs. And he does it with flip charts that he creates as he goes along. This was 1981, long before PowerPoint, but not overhead transparencies.

  • #1- Is what you are teaching, based on a valid success model?
  • #2- Is your emphasis on “basic” behaviors/ skills?
  • #3- Is there a low threat learning environment?
  • #4- Is there an incremental building of skills?
  • #5- Is the design a learner-centric approach?
  • #6- Are there frequent and objective progress checks?
  • #7- Are there maximum practice opportunities?
  • #8- Are the behaviors/ skills taught based on a specific performance model?
  • #9- Is it exciting to teach/ learn?
  • #10- Are there reinforcements back on the job for what is being taught/ learned?

A pretty good checklist, even for 1981. I think every point is valid in today’s technology-rich deployment/ access world of web 2.0+

I think it worth the 1 hour investment to view the video to think about applying the 10 Criteria to your recent/ current/ future efforts.

After Reading Mager & Pipe’s “Analyzing Performance Problems” – The 1st Thing For New L&D Staff To Read 

That post is here.

Scan002 (2)

To determine 1st “IF” training/learning is appropriate – “IF” knowledge/skills are the cause of Performance Gaps …

And 2nd to approach it in a way that will create new knowledge/skills based on a valid (and authentic IMO) success model … and keep it simple enough for the learner/Performers to both master and transfer.

Prior and Post To Each Assignment

Pre- I’d explain my objectives for their learning – and discuss how that fits with the approach/methods/processes we would be using … and continuously improving.

Post- I’d debrief them – and clarify any questions – and discuss how that fits with the approach/methods/processes we would be using … and continuously improving.

One of our overall goals as an entity within our Enterprise would be to get more mature.

ISD Maturity Model

Hence the need for Continuous Improvement – CI.

Where the R for the I makes it worthwhile, of course.

# # #


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