This Week’s L&D Buzz…Continuous Improvement and ROI

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I don’t think so.

But… Improvement – paid for by someone/some group – and has to have some payback that in their eyes is worth it.

The “R” in ROI might not be easy to convert to dollars. But it still should be measurable – even if the “good enough/goal” metric is still fuzzy, for them. They who will pay the piper, and are calling the tune.

Sometimes it is part of our Responsibility to question – and sometimes it is not.

The closer you are to your Stakeholders – the more appropriate your challenges to “why this project, and why now?” might be. And appreciated.

When I presented my model for a T&D System (organization) using bundled Processes – the Systems – I did not intend for it to be used to improve everything.


I intended it to be used to assess the entire system – one chunk relative to each other – to determine gaps, the potential ROI, and then, the priorities.

For all 47 Processes in the 12 Systems.

Most complex systems are … complex. How you break it down and keep it linked is important.

See this book from 2001 for more assessment specifics in this functional space:

2001 TDSV Book Cover 1

Click on the image above for the free PDF and links to the paperback versions.

When looking to potentially make improvements in any enterprise function and/or processes, think about ROI and Pareto: 20/80.

Just because you can identify a Gap – does not all by itself warrant addressing it.


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