Learning Path or Perf Competence Development Path?

The Difference Is In the Analysis – IMO

When is a Learning Path more of a Performance Competence Development Path, than not?

When it’s focus in planning, analysis and design – and development/purchase – and then its implementation: deployment and/or making it accessible, is squarely focused on the Performance Competence requirements of the Performance Context of the learners/Performers – which may have little or great variance.


Make sure you are clear about the Requirements and the Current State Adequacy – and any current gaps. Before creating your path.

Overview: My 7 Step Process

Adopt or Adapt as Required.

CAD DTM 7 Steps

This effort takes 3 days – if you have the data required from your analysis efforts – with 6-12 Master Performers – and other SMEs as required. I’ve done 75+ of these design meetings using this process, since my first in 1982.

And …

Once you have your Path you could – but it certainly isn’t necessary – attempt to figure out your version of 70:20:10. In case you get hit with that. But watch out. It could be the reverse. Manage everyone’s expectations appropriately before starting.

And about Learning Styles preferences – you can probably say that you’ve got them all covered.

Example Path:


And if pressed – you can claim that you have even guided the Informal Learning – that potential content that is to be left to U-OJT: Unstructured on-the-job training/learning – by naming it and placing it a suggested sequence.

Win – Win – Win!!!

Welcome to ReUse City

Especially if is this is not your first PACT CAD rodeo – so to speak.

You can borrow/steal from prior efforts and use as is, or after modification at the Event level, the module/Lesson level and at the Instructional Activity level – of INFOs and DEMOs and APPOs.


You can even start at the Path level and adopt and adapt from there.

In your first effort – you are laying the ground work for future ReUse of Instructional and Informational CONTENT – as is (AI), after modification (AM) – and of course, potentially: not at all, when not appropriate (NA).


When Do You Go To This … This EXTREME?

When the ROI is obvious or has been calculated to meet the current hurdle rate at YOUR Enterprise.

Not unless. IMO.


And … you can build/buy – and deploy and/or make accessible – Learning Content – performance-based Instruction and Information for what I call PUSH Target Audiences and share that with PULL Audiences.

Push-Pull and The 5 Tier Content Inventory Framework


Very Critical Job Positions – and – Less Critical Job Positions.

In case you simply cannot afford to treat all as the same – to start.

Win Win.

For more…

Article in Training Magazine back in 1984

1984 Training Magazine September - Curr Arch_Page_2

CAD – Training Mag – 1984 – 6 page PDF – the first publication about Curriculum Architecture Design via a Group Process – published in Training Magazine in September 1984. Original manuscript (30 pages) – How to Build a Training Structure That Won’t Keep Burning Down.

And my 2011 book…

2011 c Pb CAD

Click on image above for more info about this book … one of 6 in my 2011 Six-Pack.

Note: The contents for this book are updates of what was in my 1999 book: lean-ISD – if you’d like to start there in the middle. Click here for more info.

# # #


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