1 of the 3 Sets of Variables in Process Performance – IMO

The Processes Within the Big Picture of EPPI

Note: Your Models may vary. Adopt what you can – and Adapt the rest.

The Process - Yellow

Break It Down

I break it down into:

  1. The Process/Processes themselves
  2. The Environmental Enablers
  3. The Human Enablers


The Process

If your client didn’t redesign the entire enterprise to a Process orientation and still remains in a mostly functional orientation – fear not.

You can break their functions and department down – into a Process Centric View.

Org Chart in L-C-S Mode

What’s That L-C-S Stuff?

  • Leadership
  • Core
  • Support

EPPA - Building Block View - Department

Organizational entities – at any level – own certain processes – and play a role in processes owned by others. It’s a blend.

The Bigger Picture of EPPI

Page 1 …


Page 2 …


 Back to the Process

Either they are designed and executed to meet the requirements of their stakeholders, or they are not or do not.


Performance Competence Requirements

At any level…


Stakeholders Set the Requirements

And some requirements may in fact be in conflict and in need of resolution/guidance to the Performers.


That’s the tricky part.

Capturing Requirements

And Gaps – of Groups – or of Lone Rangers (so to speak).


Your models may vary. So…


# # #

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