L&D: Too Much Focus on Means Versus Ends IMO

One of the Reasons I Like the Phrase: Measured Results

In ISD/ Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

And PI – Performance Improvement.

Because it takes the eye off the shiny objects of the many means to a set of ends, some more appropriate than others. Some with real potential for positive ROI and many more without.


PI is important to me as a practitioner of ISD. For I need an out when it’s clear to me – based on the analysis – that the answer lies not in instruction or information or new tools.

And as I needed this to be clear to the client as well.

So I created a Group Process for me to facilitate their handpicked Master Performers and other SMEs through, and we could all generate the data and literally see when Instructional & Informational content was needed – to deal with current issues/barriers that Master Performers knew how to avoid or deal with if unavoidable.  And a process for design – at the Path (Curriculum Architecture Design) level and another at the content development/adaptation (Modular Curriculum Design) level.


I’ve created a series of bad videos covering most aspects of the methodology … besides writing several books about it.

The Key

The key has always been involving the right people at the right time in a process that guides their data generation and decision making – so that they own the decisions and results – and I could own the process … to insure we could all get from here to there. My value add. My devious behavior.

Necessitating that I warn them in advance that I was going to manipulate them in a process, my process, where they owned all of the data, the products of that process. Then a key within this key is that I knew that I had to prove to them quickly that it was so. That they owned the data.

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