Incrementally Building Performance Competence

Regardless of the Mode and Media Used

And whether slightly guided Informal … or very Formal.

The best approach most often is to not throw the learner/Performer in for sink or swim … especially if it’s the deep end … so to speak.


1st- What’s Performance Competence?

My definition.

Yours may vary.


Performance Competence can be very complex. Or not.

And of great consequence. Or not.

And worthy of Formal Training & Certification of Performance Competence … on the parts of the job that are of worthy consequence. Or not.

In any event … it will typically take an incremental building of skills … for anything worthy due to it’s Complexity and Consequence.

Ask “So What … and Why” a few times … maybe 5 times … to determine if Learning is the route to your end goals.

It is not always the primary lever to address in the Performance Equation.

An Incremental Building of Awareness to Knowledge to Skills to Performance Competence

Here is my model.


And For Complex/Of Consequence Performance…

It might look something like this.


Or maybe learning BB takes three rounds … because as you all know … BB is sometimes tough to learn.

Depending (always) on one’s incoming A-K-S-PC … from the git go. So to speak.

Depending on their prior knowledge.

Mapping the Lesson

Here’s how it might look as portrayed on a Lesson Map.


All of this depends on your analysis data – or whatever you wish to call that.

Hopefully, you have some.

By Design. Not By Chance.

It’s All About Performance

So I start there.

My planning, analysis, design, development, pilot-testing and final updates for deployment… are all focused back to the Performance Competence Requirements … and the current gaps … and the reasons/causes for those gaps … and how the Master Performers avoid the gap causes … and what they do when it is unavoidable … to better prepare the learner/Performers.

My approach to feeding Design … breaks down to 1st capturing Performance and the enabling Knowledge/Skills … Awareness, Knowledge, Skills and Performance Competence.

Or … K/S. Sometimes A-K-S.

And then feeding that in a facilitated Design Process with a group of Master Performers.

By Design. Not By Chance.


And then very systematically feeding that to a Design process. So it helps that the Design Team “was” the Analysis Team too. That’s how I do it. By Design. Not By Chance.


The Lesson Map – while the heart of my design efforts – is simply part of an architecture of Content … Instructional and Informational – a system of instruction intended to improve the quality and speed to Performance Competence … for the learner/Performers and their organizations. By Design. Not By Chance.


Not all learners/Performers are worthy … from a complexity AND consequence perspective … to get the Formal Learning treatment.

Those that are worthy – I label: PUSH. Those that are not PUSH … are PULL. I’ve posted about that many times before.

But when some performers are worthy … organizations find that what they built/bought for one target audience may indeed serve many other job titles within their organization. By Design. Not By Chance.


Figure out who the PUSH target audiences are – and serve them with authentic learning.

Build the critical A-K-S-PC … those that are both complex AND of worthy consequence, incrementally.

By Design. Not By Chance.

# # #


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