Short 1995 Video: Turning Informal Learning into Formal Performance Support

Back in the Day

Paths or Menus or Roadmaps or Plans – are an output of a CAD effort … a Curriculum Architecture Design effort. Where after a quick but thorough Analysis effort one designs a Path, with guidance, suggesting how to turn current gaps in the curriculum offerings … which are by definition Informal Learning … into some level of Formal. Maybe.

Here is a 9 minute excerpt of a 2 hour video of me at Eli Lilly in 1995 – explaining the construct of a T&D or Learning Path using the Analysis data.

The audience was L&D staff and some of their clients who thought they wanted in on this CAD and Path thing. 1995.

And then I presented a bit on the the facilitation of the Project Steering Team … or their delegates … in prioritizing all of the current state gaps in the curriculum/path … for Resourcing … thus turning Informal Learning into Formal Performance Support … including Instruction.

And … also … thereby … leaving some gaps to continue to be dealt with via Informal Learning. Hook or Crook. Sink or Swim.

This might make more sense if you viewed the entire 2 hour and 2 minute video … but I didn’t want to totally scare you off at first.

This is back in the days of Overhead Projectors – and when the Sales Force “not all having laptops” was a real thing. Really.

Believe it or not!

The two hour source video:

CAD is an ISD methodology within my PACT Processes methodology-sets.

PACT Processes and the EC Arch

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