The Building Blocks of Learning … Toward Performance Competence

Once You Are Clear About the Performance Requirements

Of the process, and the people within the process, or processes, then you can design and then build/buy and then deliver/deploy Learning …. Formally to lightly formal Informal … and everything in between.


Of course – it’s the everything else in between … the not even guided Informal – perhaps not even named … where most of most people’s jobs get learned. By hook or crook. By sink or swim.


Not worth addressing. It’s that simple. No mystery. No drama.

Not every single learning need … needs to be addressed with formal instruction … or a formal effort for even simply naming it … and sharing that.

For many jobs – the Learning Situation is totally informal after an introduction to their job by someone … boss and/or peers … which was probably very informal as well. And partial. And yet, overwhelming, overloading one’s cognitive load capacity.

And that’s not a problem – unless business issues are then an issue.

All Learning Starts as Informal

All learning starts as informal … unnamed … until someone … names it … and then perhaps … rightly or wrongly … someone decides an investment of time and money and people is need to create something formal. Usually a series of awareness building and knowledge building content … overwhelming for everyone but a few … with the Cognitive Overload By Inadvertent Design. An approach seemingly prefered by management.


Cognitive Overload By Inadvertent Design 

An approach seemingly prefered by management … who themselves are probably skilled at Mass Consumption and sorting Wheat from Chaff … on the Fly.

As some of The Few.

Who don’t “get” that others just can’t do likewise. Seemingly.

Without Deliberate Practice … Why Bother?

Not for everything … the total list of tasks within any job.

But for those Tasks and Outputs and Results/Consequences … that are of consequence … something that is going to work … needs to be employed.

I suggest INFOs and DEMOs and APPOs…


INFOs and DEMOs and APPOs … the Building Blocks of Learning

Each of which could be intended to take the Learner to a level of Awareness, or Knowledge, or Skill, or to Performance Competence. Sometimes taking the Target Audience to a level of Awareness is sufficient … for the incumbents. The newbies … may need much more.

One really needs to understand the target audience’s APPOs – the on the job Applications … back on the job.

If that is varied … that the target audiences have varied applications back on their varied jobs … then one set of content probably won’t do. Sorry.

It might really need to be authentic enough.


You might need to do some analysis … of the terminal performance … and the enabling knowledge/skills.


I’ve got over 30 years of resources for free – available in the Resource Tab.

And some of the newest books are available for a fee.



Adopt what you can and Adapt the rest

# # #

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