CAD References & Resources Since the 1980s

CAD is Curriculum Architecture Design

… is an ISD methodology set. It typically precedes any ADDIE or SAM or SAT effort. See the 4th graphic below…

Here is my former firm’s first newsletter (before I became a partner in the early 1990s) in the Fall of 1986 … and we reference CAD.


What was true in 1986 … was true back in 1982 too. And today.


It’s all about a proven process.


CAD efforts lead to MCD and IAD efforts.

Think ADDIE and then sub-component development.


MCD … and IAD … share the same project planning & management approaches, tools, and techniques.


In 1984 we published an article in TRAINING MAGAZINE … written in 1983.


Two months later we published in the NSPI Journal, PIJ, an article about the Group Process analysis methods we were developing. The article was also written in 1983.


In 1985 I presented at the national NSPI conference, but I had made the same presentation at the Chicago Chapter of NSPI, in the Fall of 1984.


I started in 1983 … and finally in 1999 published a book on my ISD methods. For clients and for workshop attendees.


Running a T&D … or L&D … entity is more than some version of ADDIE. That’s just one process … of 47 … in my model. CAD is likewise just one of 47 processes.


CAD effort can lead to s shortcut to develop just the tests, even if that means over 2000 tests, Performance Tests. Using the IAD methodology that parallels MCD.


I updated all my books into this 6-pack, in 2011.


I continue to post on ISD and Performance Improvement (from an ISDers perspective) in my Pursuing Performance Blog – which replaced my quarterly newsletters in 2007.


In the Resource Tab there are over 400 free resources … and about a dozen items for sale (all my newer books).

Lean ISD … Early Reviews

The book is available as a free PDF and for sale in other formats – here.


Guy W. Wallace


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