Management Areas of Performance Roots – 1987

The Management AoP Model…

Began in the early 1980s as the Managerial Performance Model. Here is my firm’s 1987 newsletter overviewing it.


This framed a data logic that guided analysis – as we had thought out how to incrementally gather just enough data for our next steps … to allow us to gather other data, get it reviewed/approved before getting too far down the road with something that the client/stakeholders didn’t like, etc.

Here is how we broke down the Performance Model data – as initially segmented by the 3 frames:

  • Managing Work
  • Managing People
  • Managing the Environment


Those 3 frames morphed – by me – over the years as:

  • Leadership
  • Core
  • Support

I did this as that language fit better for analysis of an entire department – including management and their staffs’ performance. And then I can roll that up – with other departments to frame the data (ERP style if you will) for the function; or roll it down (break out) data for any of the individual positions.


I use it in my consulting practice primarily for ISD – Instructional Systems design – where the “system” is a “system of instruction” – both formal and less formal.

Here are two Paths created for a client back in the early 2000s for two management positions – from one set of Performance & Enabler data.


The Management AOP Model is critical IMO for gathering and understanding the data for downstream purposes.

When Ray Svenson introduced me to his even early versions of the model in 1982, we began to frame our consulting efforts in this domain – when addressing management development.  Ray tended to stick with the early version of the model – while I began using the newer version in my own engagements where appropriate.

Here are two other applications – in our collective publications:

The Quality Roadmap (1994)

1994 QRM Book Cover

The Business Processes and Metrics “slice” of the above model … is where the 3 frames exist.

Performance-based Employee Certification/Qualification Systems (2008)

2008 PB EQCS Book Cover

And another book cover – written by me without Ray – that also used the framework … this one based on a consulting effort I had with AT&T Network Systems back in the late 1980s to help my client frame their own operations … as an example of what they (with my help) could do for them.

T&D Systems View (2001)

2001 TDSV Book Cover 1

Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence – 2011

2011 e D-Y M-AoPC

Clients have seem to like the model – especially when I point out to them – that it is the CORE that separates all departments – and the various manager’s knowledge/skill requirements.

Otherwise – there is a lot to share – using this approach.

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