Learning Architecture = Curriculum Architecture – IMO

CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

It typically comes before your version of ADDIE or SAM or SAT or my PACT…

CAD - Incremetally Building Perf Comp

In my approach to ISD – I would serve the most critical target audiences and generate formal and less-formal Learning Content – which can be made accessible to others – who just might adapt that content on their own (without L&D) to make it specific to themselves.

PACT Processes and the EC Arch

But we could then capture that for further sharing … and adoption or adaptation … to make it authentic enough to transfer.

Tier 1 and 3 Content is easily shared.


Creating the authentic enough Tier 2 and 4 adaptations for sharing is done from the git go.


Adapting/customizing Tier 5 Content would happen by borrowing and changing templates and text and graphics – as needed.


CAD itself is a set of Processes – focused on the Work Process Performance Requirements of key target audiences – based on the Voice of the Master Performers as they voice those Work Process Performance Requirements in a Group Process.


CADs do not have to precede your ADDIE-like processes. It would guide many efforts to insure a minimum of overlaps and gaps – unless BY DESIGN.


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