L&D: Separating the Common From the Unique

Can This Model Help?

In organizing your understanding of what process and practices might be shared or unique across your Enterprise? For understanding of what might be shared or unique regarding your content?

EPPA - Building Block View - Department

I use this 5-Tier Content Architecture for new content – and inventory existing content using this and cross reference using another scheme.

ECA - PACT's 5 Tier Modular Content Inventory Framework

Then Use Your Current Org Chart to roll it up or divvy it out.

And see your main value chains and support value chains department by department – and then job by job – as necessary.


Then use this model to diagnose what gap causes might be.


Recognize the systems nature of performance … with many stakeholders.


Create/capture the voice of the master performers of the work process performance and the critical enablers.

PACT Via a Group Process for CAD Analysis and Design

This model can be used to plan one’s development using informal and formal means. Or plan an organization’s development.

2011 e D-Y M-AoPC

Paperback $15 and Kindle $7.50

Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence (2011) – as Paperback and Kindle

– a model for individual use or Enterprise-wide use to define a Manager’s Performance Competence requirements, assess for improvement areas, and then develop a Management Development Plan.

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