L&D: Putting Yourself at the Mercy of a Command & Control (and Empowerment) System

Which I Think Is Most Appropriate

Something like this – adapt your view to your enterprise and your targets:


See the 3 levels in the diagram above. Rename them.

Begin to own it.

It’s the top of the clock in the next diagram.


I believe the only way to climb the Maturity Model for L&D in the next diagram is to define and then improve … as needed and the ROI dictates … your Process set.

My starting point framework for L&D/T&D/Knowledge Management includes 47 Processes within 12 sub-Systems.


In any event L&D should be targeted by the powers that be … the governance & advisory system … to improve Performance Competence when and where necessary … and the ROI dictates.

To meet the needs of that targeted Performance Competence’s Stakeholders.


This applies to an entire function or department or team or Process-set or Process or Individual.

Targeting is sometimes tricky.


Example – modified from a project in the 1980s…

The AoPs frame the detailed analysis …


The details

TMC SM Perf Model Chart

Then one might look at the 12 variables 

EPPI Fishbone 14 Variables - Process

Did you count the variables? Some might miss the most important one and the place to start – in my experience.

For Learning/ Training/ Knowledge Management efforts – the analysis would continue into these sub-categories … of Awareness/ Knowledge/ Skill:

K-S Categories

This Is the Big Picture of EPPI

Side 1


Side 2


For More


PACT 6 Pack

Please go here for more info on these 6 books … and more.

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