ISD is a Subset of Performance Improvement

It’s All About Performance

In an Enterprise Context.

ISD – Instructional Systems Design … is a Subset of … PI – Performance Improvement.

And so my PACT Processes for ISD – is a subset of EPPI, my methodology set for PI.

EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement.


Both are squarely focused on Performance – and differ mostly in the scope of the analysis of the enablers of Performance.

EPPI Starts in Stage I

Determine the improvement priorities in Stage I.

Fixes come – as appropriate – to the ROI potential – in Stage II.

EPPI Stage 1

Stage I looks at the Big Picture.

This big picture.


Another view of Process and it’s enablers.

EPPI Fishbone 14 Variables - Process

My Starter Framework for Analysis of a Department

Or Function. Or Organization.

Analyze non-overlapping Performance. You have to have some way to cover it all with minimum overlaps and gaps.


My Performance & Gap Analysis Job Aid

Perf Analysis Job Aid

And this resource … Chapter 11 … from the 2006 book:

Handbook of Human Performance Technology:

Modeling Mastery Performance and Systematically Deriving the Enablers for Performance Improvement – by Guy W. Wallace, CPT – Chapter 11 of the Handbook of Human Performance Technology – 3rd Edition – 2006. This methodology was first published in this 1984 article in ISPI’s (then NSPI’s) PIJ in November 1984.

Slide28 (2)

Then Stage I … Leads to Stage II

Learning might be a key part – or merely a supporting part – of the solution set.

EPPI Stage 1 and 2

The fixes involve addressing gaps from and/or in the source organizations – next graphic – my framework for adapting to the client’s organization structure.


It’s all about performance. 


Focus on the Performance Requirements …


… and Enable them.

# # #


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