L&D: You Say You Want a Revolution?

I’ll Toast That!

But most of the clarion calls I’ve been reading – that call for major upheaval in the L&D world – don’t seem to have their focus on the Ends – with recognition that Learning – is but one aspect of Enterprise Performance.

They are all too often all about themselves – Learning.


Far too often I’ve found that my clients and others are not focused on terminal performance. They are handling some set of topics versus some set of tasks.

Yet the application of those Topics to the Tasks of the audience … are too often totally unclear to the developers of the Content. How well is that going to work?

That early disconnect … starts the haste toward waste IMO. Unnecessarily IMO.


Targeting of efforts are all too often on providing Content to the masses – the real reason that the focus is on Topics versus Tasks. More precision Targeting is needed IMO.

More Task Targeting. Critical tasks and risky tasks.

Then … the Topics can be discerned. 


Then the real stumble begins. Execution. 

Most efforts use non-Predictable Processes/Methods/Tools/Techniques.

And they start with a bias as to the end products of formal Learning Content/Training.

And often don’t see the need for a blend of methods for addressing any Advanced Organizers, the actual performance building content, and actual/authentic applications exercises … which are also good tests the more authentic the exercise – and the Reinforcement needed … depending on the amount of reinforcement natural to the performance environment. 

Or the rejection natural to the performance environment.


That reinforcement and rejection in the performance context (s) then helps or hinders with knowledge/skills and applications capability transfer … and achieving the returns targeted.

Levels 3 and 4/5 in ISD-geek-speak.

Yes – Please Start the Revolution

And 1) please focus on terminal performance, and 2) instead of addressing anything or everything under the sun … focus on the top performance issues as determined by the target audience’s management, and 3) use proven methods, tools and techniques.

Note: This is not my first rodeo/revolution. Won’t be fooled again.

With apologies to The Beatles … and to The Who.

And to anyone else I’ve ever offended. 

# # #

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