L&D: PUSH vs PULL Modular Learning Paths

And Behind the Paths’ Events Is An Architected Set of Content 

PULL Audiences are given access to the architected content of Instruction & Information in the ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture. You even produce a generic Path for them – to provide some guidance of where to start and what to do next.

PUSH Audiences are given performance-based Development Paths and Planning Guides for they and their management to further customize to meet the specifics of their situation. They look at the job assignments and work coming up – and take into account the existing education and experience and competence of the Learner and plan accordingly. And then Execute to Plan, as they say.

Both sets of Learning Content – PUSH and PULL – are sourced from the ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture. This includes the inventory of all content, from Very Formal to Guided Informal. So that updates and pruning due to inevitable and needed changes can be managed.


Your Current State may not be as organized as the above graphic suggests. That might be the Ideal State while you strive to improve to the next Desired State. Driven by business goals and resource allocations.

My Premise Is That You Develop Exclusively for PUSH and Share As Appropriate With PULL

For PUSH Target Audiences you conduct CAD efforts – to produce Learning & Development Paths where you identify the need and then identify the fit of existing content, determine the gaps, prioritize the gaps and the shift into MCD and IAD efforts to develop or acquire the content needed.

CAD to Produce Paths & Planning Guides and Gap Priorities


Paths Guide Development Planning & Execution


Not All Gaps Are Equal


Priorities Are ADDIE’d or SAM’d or SAT’d 



This is where content is developed or acquired and adapted – or adopted if that was your lucky day – so that the authenticity of all content in Information chunks, or Demonstration chunks, and Application Exercises chunks, within all of that content, work in harmony to enable Performance Competence. By Design. Not by Chance.


I Call My ISD Methods: The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning and Knowledge Management


PACT Is Covered In…

lean-ISD (1999)

Available as a free PDF and Kindle and paperback.

Click on image to link to the download page for the PDF.

My Book Six Pack

PACT 6 Pack

Available as Kindles and paperback books. Please go here for more info on that.

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