L&D: I Don’t Want Design Thinking … Until After Performance Thinking

It Is a Means to An End. Or … Ends.

Design for Performance … or … Apply Design Thinking for Performance

Your thing that you are applying Design Thinking “to” … is most likely “to” one … or several … of many moving parts … as they say. It’s not “to” some island in isolation.


Performance is complex.

It’s All About Performance Competence

At any level.

Driven by an understanding about the requirements from the world of stakeholders … including the Customers.


The Performance Model

I document the requirements and a gap analysis on one page – or page after page to maybe 20-30 pages … depending on whether this is documenting a simple task or a complete job.


Then that data – and data about the enabling K/Ss – and data about the target audience – and data about what already exists in the Enterprise Content Architecture’s inventory … which all feeds design and development efforts … of whatever interventions are needed … and which in an ISD sense are portrayed in this next graphic …


THIS is where Design THINKING should take place.


AFTER analysis – or whatever you want to call it: Improvement Planning, Measurement, Assessment, Analysis, etc.

The more you know about all the other aspects of performance – and your own improvement tools and techniques – ANALYSIS & DESIGN – the better you will be able to work in synergy with … versus inadvertently against – those Performance Competence Requirements – at any level. IMO.
4Ws or MOPP List of HPT Things 2011 11

It’s a systems world out there … and Design Thinking and Analysis Thinking are both subsets of SYSTEMS THINKING.

Take a Systems View.

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