L&D: Rummler 1981 Video

The Late Geary A. Rummler

… at the Motorola Training & Education Center in April 1981.

I was in the audience – visiting for a day one week before my job at MTEC actually started. Because at MTEC they already knew that I was a budding Rummler-ite.

It was why they had hired me.

1981 MTEC G A Rummler Session – handout.

1981 MTEC G A Rummler Session

Rummler-ite in Development

Geary was quite an inspiration to me.

Before working directly with him at Motorola I worked with people who had worked alongside his brother at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit and Geary’s brother in law ran our Video operations – while I with a Radio/TV/Film degree worked in Program Development.

I was the only one in the department who had actually worked at one of the 183 stores that HQ served. So my education and experience took me out of the Video Operations into the prior activities of doing the planning, analysis, design and development – development of everything but the videos.

My Rummler-influenced approach to ISD got me the MTEC job.

At MTEC many of our resources were working on the support of a corporate-wide initiative – Participative Management – that while well intended seemed bogged down in that it was a lot of platitudes that lacked a process for getting to that nirvana (heaven on earth).

Then after additional exposure to the thinking and work of Rummler, and Neil Rackham (SPIN Selling), and everything else going on in the TQM movement of the late 70s and early 80s that was a big deal at an engineering and manufacturing outfit that Motorola was back in the day – I had a set of thoughts that I wrote down in a White Paper.

As often happens that thought … and many other thoughts … were kicked around our corporate HQ department before something eventually came out of it all.

Here in 1982 in Phoenix … working on “The Kit” with my boss and Geary…


My boss…

82-006 Paul MTEC

The Kit was short for the DIY Geary Rummler Consulting Kit – a concept for a technology transfer from the man to many – an idea that spawned from an idea of mine that I documented in a White Paper that I developed after growing a bit frustrated with the status quo in our own organization.

We were not practicing (soon enough and well enough) what we were preaching … or so thought the young punk that I was back in the early 1980s.

We were learning all these great things … but not reflecting them in our current practices – a gripe/ an idea that my boss turned into the Kit concept.

That Kit thing then morphed and morphed.

Here is my White Paper.

MTEC White Paper 1982_Page_01White Paper – Motorola – Wallace – Part Mgmt of the Perf Sys May 1982

That led to what MTEC co-worker (and DINFOS graduate) Alan Ramias describes in his article, next. Note: Alan took all my projects … and my boss … when I left MTEC and continued that Kit concept.

Here is his story about that…

Ramias – Mists of Six Sigma

Thanks Geary! RIP.


# # #

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