L&D: Is Your Content Authentic Back at the Ranch?

Meanwhile “Back at the Ranch” …

Real work goes on. Authentic work.

The question here – is whether or not the Training or Learning or Knowledge Management CONTENT you make available … is really preparing the learner/Performer for that reality.

Or do they have to figure that out once they get back home … to the job?

Back at the Ranch – or otherwise.


If your L&D’s CONTENT – the Information, Demonstrations or Application Exercises – are too simplistic and not authentic enough – they won’t aid in Transfer back to the job.

It really doesn’t matter whether or not everyone LIKED it (Level 1) … or  MASTERED it (Level 2) – it mostly likely will not TRANSFER (Level 3) … or achieve the intended RESULTS (Level 4) if the Content isn’t authentic – and includes enough practice with timely feedback.

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