L&D: Performance Support Is Measured by the Performance Metrics

And If There Are No Current Metrics?

I would imagine that what you are working on isn’t that important.

Or you are trying to address a TOPIC without a clear understanding of how that TOPIC plays out in a Process, or Processes. Akin to “pushing a wet noodle” so to speak. IMO.

If unsure – clarify THAT with your Client and all other Stakeholders.

Perf Support

Training or Education might be needed – before the learners/Performers experience the need – on what PS items are available and when and how to use them.

Some of the PS items might be self-explanatory – other might not be so intuitive to all of the Performer populations – depending on their prior education and/or experience. Other PS items may not be intuitive at all.

Turning Away From the Skid is Intuitive.

However – it is Wrong.


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